Welcome to the Team Resource Page 
"Congrats on being part of the fastest growing team in Tranzact."
These are your Main Team Resources
"Only share this link with team members that have already joined."
Team Call Every Tuesday Night at 8:30 pm Eastern
This is a great call to get caught up on all of the company info as well as get quick tips and be a part of the team contests that are going on.
There are three sites that are totally generic and you can use these to market to your leads. These are all team sites and no lead capture on them. If you want get a lead capture page to get their name phone and email and then send them to any of the three links.
"We Suggest sending them to the founder's video after they have watched one of the presentations."

Another site you can use to promote
This is not one of our team sites but can be affective. In order to use it all you need to do is replace your username where the username is below.
Example: https://vipzclub.com/?id=username

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